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Luna Runtun Adventure Spa

LUNA RUNTUN, Adventure SPA is the perfect compliment to your trip to Galapagos and Quito. Located just above Baños, Ecuador, access to the Amazon Rainforest, the paramos of the high Andes, and the rich cultural heritage of the Ecuadorian people are but a short distance away.

Bathe in the luxury of our world class destination spa and hotel surrounded with spectacular views.

LUNA RUNTUN, Adventure SPA offers Baños tours including 11 hikes, rafting, canyoning, biking, horse backriding, travelling through the country side and the Amazon rainforest tours. After enjoying our daily adventure tours relax your body and soul in our beautiful volcanic SPA, 500m2; 11 rooms, 25 treatments, decorated with art paintings and volcanic stones.


LUNA RUNTUN, Adventure SPA´s 300 acres are nestled within the Sangay National Park, a declared World Natural Heritage Site in 1983, located in the Andes, at the entrance of the Amazon Rainforest, with an spectacular view of Tungurahua volcano (5.016m), the valley of the city of Baños; the Pastaza corridor "A gift to the earth" WWF and the Llanganates National Park, the inaccesible mountains that hide the lost gold of the Inca Emperor Atahualpa.

Swiss managed and consistently rated amongst the best hotels in Ecuador.

The surrounding area where LUNA RUNTUN, Adventure SPA is located is considered a magnetic vortex, a unique place where the planet's 4 essential life elements - Air, Earth, Water, and Fire - are found.

Air: Located in the gateway to the Amazon Rainforest, the Earth's respiratory system.
Earth: Nestled on the flanks of Volcano Tungurahua has been generously blessed with some of the planet's most fertile and fruitbearing earth.

Water: Volcano Tungurahua, LUNA RUNTUN, Adventure SPA 's astonishingly beautiful backdrop, is home to 70 crystal-clear waterfalls.
Fire: Constantly active since October 1999, Tungurahua showers the skies with her spectacular shows of fire and lava, allowing our visitors to partake in one of the world's most impressive natural fireworks displays from the safety of our spa.

The Hotel

Our staff is trained to give special attention to detail. We want you to fell refreshed and comfortable by giving you the best opportunity to enjoy excellent activities, fresh food, good wine, intimate homes and peaceful and gracious living in a splendid and unforgettable ambience.


The beautifully designed oudoor swimming pools - filled up with hot volcanic water - the jacuzzi and waterfalls are the perfect location in which to relax in the sun or by night admiring the full moon or the stars of the sky as the Incas did it here 500 years ago. You can also enjoy some light snacks or a refreshingly cool tropical cocktail.





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