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Ecuador is a country that offers activities like hiking in the Andes, climbing high volcanoes, bird watching and nature tours, Amazon Rain Forest tours and cruises, cultural, adventure and educative tours and off course tours and cruises in the enchanted Galapagos Islands for all budgets.
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Rafting – Tour Banios

Banios and its surroundings are known as the land of rivers and cascades, with an extremely nice climate that makes everything even better.

Banios rivers are listed as level III (easy), suitable for all the family. These rivers are located in the entrance of the Amazon Rainforest which lets you experience an unforgettable day seeing tropical flowers, monkeys, birds and an incredible landscape.

All the equipment used for rafting and guides, leading the group, are suitable in letting you experience that adrenaline with the safeness you need.

Rafting is an extreme sport because there is the possibility you fall out of the boat, so if you are planning to do this be ready to get wet.




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