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Hacienda Rumi Loma in Quito EcuadorHacienda Rumiloma is a magical oasis of rustic luxury overlooking Quito, Ecuador. This charming hacienda is situated in nearly one hundred acres of primary Andean forest on the side of the Volcano Pichincha.






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The Hacienda

Hacienda Rumiloma is a magical oasis of rustic luxury overlooking Quito, Ecuador. This charming hacienda is situated in nearly one hundred acres of primary and secondary Andean forest on the side of the Volcano Pichincha. Rumiloma features an eclectic mix of traditional Ecuadorian and sophisticated international tastes in everything from the decor to the menu, from the guest suites to the personalities of our owners and staff.

The main building houses an outstanding restaurant featuring Ecuadorian-style fusion cuisine.

The bottom floor has been converted into an intimate Irish/ Ecuadorian pub, complete with a walk-in fireplace. There are several cozy sitting rooms perfect for relaxing after a long day touring in the historic center, hiking in the surrounding hills, or just enjoying an after-dinner drink while gazing out over the lights of the city to the Amazon jungle beyond.

The exceptionally appointed suites scattered around the hacienda are amongst the finest in the country. Each casita, or little house, boasts a minimum of 600 sq. feet. All are filled with a unique mix of antiques, art and collectables from the far corners of Ecuador. The guest rooms are the epitome of rustic luxury- pot bellied stoves, colonial art fluffy down covers, & spectacular bath rooms all housed within hand crafted walls of adobe and stone made and/or mined here on the property. All have cozy sitting rooms, spacious bedrooms and terraces or indoor gardens, and of course, the best views anywhere in Quito.

The hacienda backs up to thousands of acres of national park land with scores of trails, a small river, and llamas grazing peacefully. The property also boasts a wide variety of native birds and wildlife, and unspoiled acres of Primary Andean Forest filled with trees and wildflowers all within minutes of the capitol city.

Rumiloma offers it's guests a wide array of Activities:

  • An evening tour of the spectacular colonial center of Quito in a traditional "Chiva" or open-air bus with an live band on the roof and hot toddies to ward off the chill in the Andean air.
  • Daily "trapiche" festival with traditional sugar cane press and complimentary fresh sugar cane cocktails for our guests.
  • Award winning folkloric dance company from the neighborhood, which performs traditional indigenous dances portraying Andean life in vibrantly colorful costumes.
  • Tours of Quito with an emphasis on our guests specific areas of interest be it art, photography, shopping, history or nature. We have a tour and specialized guides for every taste.
  • Mountain and/or Rock climbing adventures with certified mountain guides. We can offer glacier school on one of Ecuador's Volcanoes, or a rock-climbing outing on our own Gua-gua Pichincha, for amateurs to experienced climbers of all ages.
  • Gastronomic tours which can include the outdoor markets accompanied by local chefs, Chocolate tours from the cacao farms to truffle making, Coffee tasting tours, and Wine tasting featuring the finest South American vineyards.
  • Daybreak Llama Trekk: we set off just before sunrise for a 45 minute hike thru primary Andean forest to our own private lookout where you'll be treated to the most spectacular views of the volcanoes Cayambe, Antisana, and Cotopaxi, and a delicious Ecuadorian picnic breakfast.
  • Family Adventures: indigenous dance classes, llama rides, handmade kite flying, mountain biking, custom family-oriented visits to museums, historical sites, indigenous villages, visits to butterfly farms and reptile centers etc.
  • Custom Adventures. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. We are here to make your dreams of an Ecuadorian holiday come true.


Rumiloma has a firm commitment to sustainable tourism.

The owners have been committed to conservation for generations, and as such have been protecting and re-planting native trees on the property for over half a century. There are plans for the continued protection of some, and re-introduction of other Andean fauna with the cooperation of local experts. Rumiloma believes in a village attitude, and works closely with the barrio below the hacienda. We support them by purchasing from the local shops, hiring neighborhood craftsmen and service staff, and sponsoring local football clubs, dance troops and community food halls. We have implemented an array of different approaches in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment: from traditional water and energy conservation measures to some new and innovative strategies exclusive to Rumiloma.

The owners, Amber and Oswaldo Freire, pride themselves on exceptional service and personalized attention for all their guests. Amber, an American born interior designer and amateur chef was living in Ireland where she owned champion racehorses and ran a children's charity, which brought her to Ecuador. Here she met and fell in love with her husband Oswaldo, an hotelier and one of Ecuador's most accomplished mountain climbers, while climbing Cotopaxi. In the 6 short years since they met they have managed to build not only a large family (4 little girls),
but to make a reality of their dream to create a cozy, luxury adventure Lodge on the hacienda that has been in Oswaldo's family for over 60 years.

They have succeeded in creating the only place of its kind in Ecuador: A paragon of warm Ecuadorian hospitality with fine international service and cuisine. Only a few minutes above the hustle and bustle of the capitol city, Rumiloma is truly a little Andean Paradise just above the Heart of Quito.


Contract policy

To hire any equipment requires 48 hours advance notice. The prices given are per day and do not include tax.


Capacity for 94 people. A luxury private dining room for 16 people. We have over 60 plates to cater to your tastes. High standard national and international gastronomy and a menu arranged which offers the widest variety of options.

The Cosiest Bar/Pub

A walk in fireplace which will transport you back to the most charming ancient times of Irish Pubs with all the warmth of the Andes and castles is the perfect spot for indulging in trying the most exotic cocktails while choosing from over 16,000 songs from our jukebox.


More than 200 bottles of the best quality selection from Argentinean, Spanish, Chilean, and Italian vineyards.

Convention centre for 20 people.

Private parking.

Green recreational space: including a play house for children.

  • Hacienda Rumiloma is the ideal place for:
  • Business meetings
  • Social gatherings
  • Romantic evenings
  • Afternoon tea
  • Dinner with family and friends

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